Jericho Noguera is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist based out of Birmingham, UK. Combining a soaring vocal range, with stylish soul grooves, Jericho's Psychedelic Soul & Jazz Blues niche finds itself fittingly on trend whilst pushing it's own unique sound. The release of his Second EP 'Get it by the Feel' is due in early summer (2019). It will be his first release with a band.

Starting life as a solo artist, Jericho produced intimate and esoteric works. His debut EP 'Black Lake' (2018) was 'nostalgic, organic, and charmingly lo-fi'. It saw comparisons with cult artists like Nick Drake and Elliot Smith.

Now touring with a band and promoting the release of his next EP 'Get it by the Feel', his music has evolved into a hypnotic and powerful live show. The performances ebb and flow through latitudes of tempo and feel.

He has just released his new single 'Future Project'. It touches on a more Psychedelic Indie vibe bridging the transition between the debut EP and his new music.

Jericho has performed live at a large number of venues across the UK and his music has been featured on air internationally in both the UK & US.